AL. Ehtifal Project - Live @ Arthub Bucharest


January 29, 2024

Al-Ehtifal Project is a musical ensemble based on the idea of integrating spontaneous thoughts into performance moments, as a way of communication. The word Al-Ehtifal comes from Arabic and translates as The Celebration.

In a musical landscape dominated by polished narratives, Al Ehtifal Project stands as a form of unapologetic authenticity. We learn together through a continuous exploration of experimental sounds and a stubborn dismissal of established norms. The project has a flexible body of musicians. The core members are based in Bucharest, Romania.

Line up:
Mohamad Zatari (Oud - Syria)
Bogdana Dima (Accordion - Romania)
Avadhut Kasinadhuni (Tabla - India/Romania)

Sound: Horațiu Șerbănescu
Video: Ralph Marcu

Track list:
00:01 - Eves Chatters
05:09 - Impro 01
11:47 - A school burnt down / Kaike Ki Ena Sholio
18:45 - Impro 02
26:15 - Solo oud
32:50 - Black Tea
36:12 - Three seeds on the white table
42:47 - Impro 03