About The Attic

The Attic is an online music magazine, which focuses on a wide variety of music genres and investigates different cultures from all around the world. We are an independent, ad-free, and open access publication.

The website narrates empirical listening experiences from different collaborators, through reports, features and interviews with various artists, composers and ensembles, music reviews, and audio podcasts. Our goal is to investigate and reveal the socio-cultural and historical context specific to certain geographical areas and time periods, by analyzing and transcending music as an artistic output.

Our music approach has no typical boundaries of genre, style, time or space, but admits its importance and relevance. We question everything and try to pursuit the essence of what we believe is good, timeless and continues to resonate regardless of its date.

We have nomad offices in different parts of the world with permanent bases in Bucharest, Romania (editorial/events) and Oslo, Norway (technical/editorial).

Write for The Attic

We are interested in hearing from new writers. Please send us your pitches at getintouch, outlining any particular areas of interest, and enclosing some examples of your writing.

The main editorial themes we are exploring throughout this year address topics such as the relationship between sound and the environment, the human and non-human world, the ecological aspects of ancient traditions, and cultural identity.

The Attic is co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.