Jay Glass Dubs


February 26, 2020

Part of this year's list of Shape artists, Dimitris Papadatos aka Jay Glass Dubs is an American/Greek musician, DJ and producer. Through his work as a composer, musician and sound artist, he has become one of the leaders in experimental dub electronics and a core member of the Bokeh Versions squad.

His work primarily focuses on spirituality and transformation and is an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum / bass / vox / effects form.

Jay Glass Dubs is a prolific producer and has released a diverse and expansive body of work on the likes of Bokeh Versions, The Tapeworm, Anòmia, DFA Records, Ecstatic and Berceuse Heroique. He has also collaborated on critically acclaimed releases with Not Waving (as Not Glass), Guerilla Toss and Leslie Winer, as well as releasing remixes for artists such as How To Dress Well, Jabu, Maximum Joy and more. Dimitris' work has been presented in various international institutions and festivals including Berlin Atonal, Meakusma Festival, Documenta14 and BBK Bilbao.

In his own words, Jay Glass Dubs' mixtape for The Attic focuses on ”the human voice, layered and transformed, illuminated and expanded , underlining memory and dissolving it at once obscured through time and its signatures.”

photo credits: Paris Tavitian


  • Wayne Phoenix

    I Gave You Power

  • Laurel Halo

    Hot Style

  • Infinite Scale

    The Chauffeur

  • Tricky feat. Martina Topley Bird

    She Makes Me Wanna Die

  • ULLA


  • PML Beatz

    Pedra de 800 KG

  • Zoe Mc Pherson feat Elvin Brandi

    Learn Your Language

  • Carmen Villain

    I Trust You (DJ Python remix)

  • Memotone

    Wrapped One Within The Other

  • Batang Frisco

    Sewing Machine

  • Tristan Arp

    Phylum (Kelman Duran remix)

  • Sunun

    Ishe Roots

  • Chris and Cosey

    Hybrid C

  • FlokosH

    Woodpecker Riddim

  • Unknown- Untitled

  • Peace Orchestra feat. Chilli Bukasa


  • Piano Magic feat. Angèle David-Guillou

    I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow

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