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May 31, 2018

Micleusanu M. is a multidisciplinary artist: writer, musician, illustrator and visual artist. He published short stories (Organismemecanice), novels (Tuba Mirum, Kasa Poporului), graphic novels (Amokalipsis) and developed leftfield musical projects such as Planeta Moldova, Antishow, Farmacie & Pompe Funebre, Zelda, Febre39, Pneumaton (idm noir, experimental).

Micleusanu was born in Bakhchysarai (Crimea), lived and studied arts in Chisinau (Moldova) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania). He is a multidisciplinary artist, being involved in a wide range of artistic projects, from experimental music to poetry, photography and visual arts. His past contributions to The Attic include a mixtape focused on Japanese music and a extended essay on the concepts of failure and fatality. You can follow Mitos on bandcamp and his blog.

Micleusanu will play a special live performance within The Attic InContext, a music residency commissioned by the artistic residency program InContext, which will take place between June 21-25 in Slănic Moldova (Bacău country). InContext residency programme aims to inspire contemporary artists to develop their practice and create work in non-studio and non-gallery spaces, through engaging with new geographies, audiences and socio-economic contexts. For four days between June 21-24, Western, Indian and Romanian musicians will experience interculturality from a sonic perspective, as well as the metabolic interaction between man and nature. They will explore various approaches of Indian music, classic as well as contemporary, while experimenting with several instruments.

The complete program of the residency, as well as information about transport and accommodation can be found here.


  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    Jello And Jugernauts

  • Ukandanz

    Lantchi Biye

  • Rabbota Ho

    (Les) Wood

  • Albert Marcoeur


  • Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport

    Lost In Madagascar

  • Charley Runs Amok

    We Insist!

  • Ariel Pink

    Another Weekend

  • Julia Holter

    Horns Surrounding Me

  • Takako Minekawa

    Maxi On

  • Etron Fou Leloublan


  • The Chap

    Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley

  • Rainbow Arabia

    Harlem Sunrise

  • Liesa Van der Aa

    On Names I

  • Soap & Skin

    Me And The Devil

  • Mothercoat

    Nipple Cider

  • 48 Chairs


  • Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul

    Je pleure tout le temps

  • Yakushimaru Etsuko

    Jenny Wa Gokigen Naname

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