The Attic Podcast: 21. Idle Rich & Lizatron


August 20, 2015

Lizatron comes from Russia with love, bringing dance-floor weapons to slay the whole crowd. Starting with new wave and crossing the whole board, Lizatron has had a passion for and collected music all her life. She has played all over London (but also Russia and Germany) and guested regularly on Resonance FM and NTS. Elizaveta runs a successful annual International Women’s day event, Androgynous Mind, a celebration of the social and cultural achievements of the women of the world and also raising awareness towards mistreatment of women. Lizatron assembled a crack team for this most important of causes, backed up by her fellow DJ’s, this year’s event had artists, an installation and also bands taking part in Androgynous Mind, with headlines June Miles Kingston from Mo-Dettes and Big Joanie.

Idle Rich is anything but Idle. A serious collector (and dj) of psychedelia from across the board, his constant quest to discover new music has meant that as well as hovering up the sounds of recognized psychedelia, he was generally picking up everything left of centre that caught his ear and had that indefinable something. It was soon clear that he had a parallel collection of twisted electronic stuff that was perfect for some dance-floor somewhere. He knows how to work the floor and he loves dropping bleepy ebm darkness as much as lysergic tinged tunes from the sixties. With the realization that Lizatron had a heavy bag full of similar sounds waiting to go, it was time for Invisible City to be born and to become a force to be reckoned with. After a few nights in East London they are already being booked to play in Germany, on NTS Radio and Resonance FM.

Their mixtape for The Attic Podcast comprises dub, library music, some Kenyaon stuff, new beat and acid, electropop, industrial and more.

Download available through iTunes.


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