Filthy Huns - Forever Beast

Filthy Huns - Forever Beast

Verdict: 4.5/5

Not Not Fun Records




December 1st, 2017

Written By

Dragoș Munteanu


November 13, 2017

Coming December 1st on the always refreshing Not Not Fun roster of eclectic sounds, Forever Beast is a melting pot of heavy synths, dusty guitar riffs, programmed drums and howling vocal chanting coming together for a resounding display of chilling avant-garde progression.

Throughout the 4 track EP the Filthy Huns explore different elements in each track weather that is an American wasteland version of a traditional Raga on ‘Magick Tea’ or an all out prog rock extravaganza with a middle eastern chord progression on ‘True Love’ the whole composition is a beast in it’s own sense worthy of it’s name and artwork.

The release is also making its way onto cassette as well as digital, which makes absolute sense on the analogue tape as the grit and dustiness will only help paint a clearer picture of what seems to be a desolate Southwestern American town reminiscing of ripping ghost rider guitar riffs on an abandoned Sergio Leone set.


1.True Love
2. Magick Tea
3. Class War
4. Forever Beast