Dan Bozaru - Turning Away

Dan Bozaru - Turning Away

Verdict: 3/5

Digital Record




Written By

Alexandru Drăgănescu (JB)


November 7, 2017

Earlier this summer while walking through an almost empty flea market on a 36°C weather, I barely noticed this old man on my left that had some strange things placed on a blanket. I stopped to have a look on what he sells and inside a box with tapes came out an album that I haven't encountered before.

The year is 1993 and Romania still recovers from the long slumber in which almost everything was banned. Electronic music as well as various movements are on the rise throughout the country and among these things, a one-of-a-kind project kicks off, that would later go by the name of 'Indra'.

Operating under the alias Indra, Dan Bozaru is more or less known within today's underground musical circuit and he's probably better known as a yoga instructor for the MISA division. The thought process that goes into the composition of his music is pretty much a global phenomenon, but in terms of innovation, he certainly is a man that set a bright start on our landscapes.

We're talking about his first album, 'Turning Away', which was initially released as a tape in small quantities. Put in a position between Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, the music itself sounds as a healing meditation. It has only three songs and the first one seems to be the most inspiring, being actually a 28 minute trip running at 80 bpm. A positive atmosphere with strings and chorus takes effect from the first minute, prevailed by an arpeggiator on the second plan, evoking to listeners a feeling of inner peace and calmness. The second and third track encounter the same feeling, adding more strings and a cinematic atmosphere that describes the effect on your imagination when you listen to this music.

It was reissued in 2010 on a CD format and you can listen or purchase Indra's whole discography on bandcamp.


A. Turning Away
B1. Archetype
B2. Transcendental Path