Oiseaux-Tempête - AL- AN !

Oiseaux-Tempête - AL- AN !

Verdict: 5/5

Sub Rosa




April 14, 2017

Written By

Gabriel Leașcu


August 27, 2017

‘Remain alone on high, the weight of time not within
Your range of fire. So ascend as high as you can
For you are the most beautiful of us when a martyr. Be as distant as you can
That we may behold in the revelation your shadow, a crimson map.
Peace be upon you the day you were born in the land of peace,
And the day you died, and the day you shall be resurrected from death's darkness
*excerpt from The Offering by Mahmoud Darvish

As you may know already the Sub Rosa label never disappoints but this release is absolutely fantastic.

Swirling eastern influenced, free rock utter brilliance, spiced up with field recordings and spoken word poetry will rip your ego apart and throw it in the cosmic soup.

It’s not often that one gets to experience such rich, improvised textures born out of somber contemplation and masterful manipulation of a wide range of musical instruments. Besides electric bass and guitar, drum machine and analog synths, depending on each piece, the band and collaborators used an electric buzuk, hurdy gurdy, bandir, flute, dukar, piano, saxophone even a mellotron which makes the listening truly one of a kind. A total of 12 compositions, that are some recorded in Paris, other in Beirut; a fact that transpires the idea of a borderless world, where only pure creation and love matter. Sadly, as the bleak, black and white cover of a screaming human suggests, the present world, as a whole, is far from this wisdom.

The power to change it, though, lies in these kinds of artistic manifestations which give hope for a better future.

The double LP will be released on the 14th of April 2017.


A1 1. Notes from the Mediterranean Sea
A2 2. Bab Sharqi
A3 3. Feu Aux Frontières
B1 4. Baalshamin
B2 5. Our Mind is a Sponge; Our Heart is a Stream
B3 6. Mish Aaref Eish w Leish
C1 7. Electrique Résistance
C2 8. The Offering
C3 9. Ya Layl, Ya 3aynaki (ô nuit, ô tes yeux)
C4 10. Carnaval
D1 11. Through The Speech Of Stars
D2 12. A L'Aube
Bonus CD
13. Hurra Osba3o / Par-delà le Désert