Somnoroase Păsărele - TION

Somnoroase Păsărele - TION

Verdict: 4/5



OBS * э MUSIC|062


October 17, 2016

Written By

Damien Ark


December 8, 2016

TION (rated AMO for “alien, mechanical, organic”). Designed by Somnoroase Păsărele (abstract sound architects, Romania). Direction/chaotic simulated universe collapsing into itself, protagonist unknown pinpoint location in randomly generated forest (1) or timed survival derby race into the Eye of God (2).

TION (I): Protagonist, knight of some sort, is thrown into the back of a wheelbarrow on a bouldered forest path at night and driven through an ether of blood in the screaming hell mouth. Blood moonlight. He is conscious of existing in this ancient, mechanical world that is also simulated by two celestial musicians. He’s lead up a staircase, brutalist in design (foreboding/impending gyrating sounds of claws and teeth sharpening from all directions). Protagonist is inside of an underground cave, the game is paused so that he can change armor and select different weapons. Repeated sounds of crunching gravel and traps being laid down as the character chooses between facial designs and level difficulty).

3:39 Character unlocked achievements. He enters the first level as diamond castle gates collapse and cicadas fever in a frenzy in their hair. Baroque music composed by androids echoes through the desolate chambers as he ventures for a way out. He stares into a gallery of distorted faces nailed to a wall. A sense of horrifying claustrophobia overtakes him. Seemingly then realizing that there’s no escape from the game, he’s overtaken by maniacal laughter as fairies suck on his silken bone fluids. Death (two lives left). Revived at fifteen minutes into an abandoned experimental worm laboratory hidden in the labyrinth and designed by droids. Protagonist performs self-induced brain scan for termites inside of a computerized water cage that rattles until the level is complete.

TION (II): Protagonist in a glass costume drives an effervescent vehicle on monolithic sheets of grey metal through the helix nebula as nuclear missiles fall and explode like tears of burning angels. Consider it a race of no meaning. Chased by military tanks and soviet battleships (remarkable). Character hangs on his last limb at the edge of a void in the metal road and is face down with a symphony of steaming lava bubbles while the other characters plunge into it. (5:04) Warning signal that time is almost up. Protagonist shackles himself into the back of the translucent car and hides while surveillance machines built to eviscerate attempt to laser through the protective shields. A simulated rain forest is then seen by the protagonist with use of thermal imaging. Monkeys chant over a ceremonial fire until the machines destroy the force field and melt the protagonist’s body. Death (one life left).

Final level. Character is revived back on the steel road as the architects design mountains over an ashen planet sunken in asphalt. Paralyzing blasts of chaotic hardware blind the sky. The protagonist breaks through, visioning magma diagrams, hyper color analytics, and beautiful spectral images of spherical minerals under a microscope using his artificial eyes. The game is over. It completes with sounds of ethereal reverberated Tesla coils, a bed of soft purple electricity.

A game or CD/cassette deserving of attention for those that need their brains fried, rewired, kissed by three eyed futurist nobles. Easily as sacred and deranged as anything else that will be released in this year of our downfall. I’m left wordless and uneasy, overwhelmed, but must give these words to you.


TION I (23:27)
TION II (20:33)