Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere – Five Steps

Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere – Five Steps

Verdict: 4/5

Versatile Records




June 2015

Written By

Dragoș Rusu


January 15, 2016

After several listenings of this beautiful album called ‘Five Steps’, made by two French musicians - Clemens Hourrière and Jonathan Fitoussi - I can say with certainty that the future sounds abundant.

Using the vintage modular synthesizers Buchla 200 and some Eventide fx, the two producers succeeded in creating a unique LP that really needs to be heard in its entirety. The Buchla 200 is one of the first modular synthesizers dating from the 1970s. Buchla was a contemporary of Moog, and like Dr Robert, he produced his first synthesizers in the 1960s. He continued to do so throughout the '70s and '80s, but the commercial acclaim and recognition afforded to Moog eluded Buchla, and he concentrated on controllers in the '90s.

Sharing a passion for vintage synthesizers, Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourrière accepted an invitation in 2014 at EMS Stockholm for a weeklong residency to explore and create this body of work.

Five Steps tempts the audience to meditation and introspection. Sit back and enjoy calmly this abysmal harmonies that form altogether a very good LP released by the excellent French imprint Versatile. The whole album evokes subtle emotions, analog sounds that steal the listener’s attention and grow slowly inside his mind, evolving and living the dreamy soundscapes.


A1. Petits Pas
A2. Solstice Winter
A3. Drum Circle
A4. Moonish Landscapes
A5. Dreamachine
B1. Five Steps
B2. Ice Stalactite
B3. La Colline
B4. Lights Sequence
B5. Instants Ephemeres