Karamika - Karamika

Karamika - Karamika

Verdict: 5/5

ESP Institute


ESP 022


September 2015

Written By

Dragoș Rusu


September 29, 2015

This new album of Karamika is perhaps one of the best releases that Lovefingers has put out so far in 2015, on his own ESP Institute imprint.

Combining the forces of Black Merlin (London based producer and DJ on his real name George Thompson) and Musiccargo (Dusseldorf based Gordon Pohl), Karamika is an outstanding piece of music, a musical journey like no other split between 12 different TONs (as all of the tracks are titled simply TON).

I was waiting for a long time for this release to be officially put out, and, in terms of what an album should represent for its cultural context and how it should be made in terms of aesthetics and music values, how it should sound and what it should reflect, Karamika is a perfect album. It is THAT album.

It is an LP of contrasts; meditative, mellow, extremely deep, hypnotic and danceable, thoughtful and mysterious. It needs a few listens to discover odd contrasts between weak and strong, cheerful and sad, static and active, a great flavor of the nature and wildlife, living creatures and animals, and on the opposite, a static and dead landscape with no escape, an unsolved puzzle that remains stuck into your brain, creating a sweet confusion and uncertainty.

All 12 TONs are extremely well crafted, each of them building unique soundscapes and intense sonic ambiances. You can’t miss this album; don’t trust us, just give it a shot.


A1. Ton 01
A2. Ton 02
A3. Ton 03
B1. Ton 04
B2. Ton 05
B3. Ton 06
C1. Ton 07
C2. Ton 08
C3. Ton 09
D1. Ton 10
D2. Ton 11
D3. Ton 12