Preview: Konfrontationen 37 in Nickelsdorf

Preview: Konfrontationen 37 in Nickelsdorf

July 20, 2016

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Andrew Choate

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Set 1: Roots Magic play the music of John Carter, Julius Hemphill, Sun Ra, Olu Dara, etc.- Like listening to someone you've just met describe a close friend; all the lavish love of newfound comraderie.

Set 2: Frick/Reiter/Frodl/Stempkowski - An Austrian string quartet demonstrates what a lifetime of caring about what you do can bring about: something personally fulfilling and, even more importantly, something that makes other people care about things way beyond themselves.

Set 3: The Elks - Homemade electronics meet acoustic instruments like a kiss that started way before it began.


Set 1: I Am Echoes))) - Manfred Hofer is playing. I remember his set at the Kleylehof from 2005. He was playing a version of bass. Vivid appreciation for newfound sonicness. I have searched for him repeatedly since then with little luck and continually wonder what he's up to. Deeply anticipated.

Set 2: Lokomotiv Konkret - When legends make their history disappear by being perennially relevant you have the kind of gathering that turns a funeral into a marriage.

Set 3: Speak Easy - An absolute dedication to craft requires an equal dedication to appreciation on the part of the audience. Two of Europe's most body-centric improvising vocalists converse with a bed of drums and analog synth for the ultimate showdown of humanness.

Set 4: Agnel/Edwards/Noble - Rapport breeds productive tension (think rhythm section); add a third party into the relationship and you've got a recipe for serious testing of personal and musical boundaries. I expect indirect horizontal drama and explicit stabs into vertical (solo) virtuosity.

Set 5: Der Lange, Der Junge und Der Dicke - Testing. 1, 2, 3. Is anybody out there? Is time still the medium of life? Let's make a pact to agree with our breath when it stops out of sheer wonderment of the fulfilled possibilities.


Set 1: Rdeča Raketa/ Jean-Luc Guionnet - The pleasures of frying an egg and eating an egg are distinct yet related. Differentiating who is responsible for what is a task impossible to discern and irrelevant to the living of the dream. Good morning invisible stars.

Set 2: Also - Every once in a while your two favorite friends who don't know each other are suddenly in a room and you see it from a short distance and you're so happy because you just know they are about to be in the throes of magical understanding.

Set 3: Trio Now! - Hit me with a sophisticated underhanded revelation about the need to give at the moment of complete emptiness.

Set 4: Georg Graewe - Remember the first time you realized your experiences added up to something unique, but at the same instant you finally found a situation from which to make them radiate thankful awe.

Set 5: Red Trio + John Butcher - Literature is how we hope that language means more than simple indication; likewise the joining of polyp to plant.

Set 6: Karkhana - Let's say you're involved in both sides of a conflict. Your feelings always will. Now you can bend your knees and be delivered.


Set 1: Johannes Bauer Memorial, Phil Minton Feral Choir - It always matters when you care.

Set 2: Michel Doneda/ Lê Quan Ninh - Love is fundamentally an agreement to cooperate in order to engender more than what is desired. It lasts when you do it.

Set 3: Neuringer / Weissenfels / Kellers - A breath is a breeze, the basis of bonds.

Set 4: Wilkinson + Talibam! - Can we celebrate the mottled nature of true connection yet?

Set 5: Butcher/Lehn/Shipp - If you try to get to the essence of how things work, you don't study. You touch. And get touched.

Set 6: Fire! Trio + Ambarchi - You'll have to be patient with yourself as you get older. "The child is the father of the man." Let there be/light/at the end of the tunnel.

*Check out this year's program on the official website.

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