Staff Picks - October 2022

Staff Picks - October 2022

November 10, 2022

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Your monthly music companion is here, reporting on duty. As October has been another busy month for new music, here's a selection of 33 albums and compilations released last month, comprising electronic music, experimental, ambient, psychedelic, free jazz, improvisation, both new and reissues.

What's new, what's good, what's hot or not, what's obscure or under the radar, music wise, here's the monthly Staff Picks. If you think that we've missed something or want to send a tip, please get in touch.

From Almayate to Bill Converse

Almayate - Freegiliana (Gruppo Ungido)
Almayate - Freegiliana (Gruppo Ungido)
Acid Lumo - Orange Medicine (WV Sorcerer Productions)
This is the debut and perhaps the last album of the psychedelic drone / free improvisation collective Acid Lumo from Wuhan underground, along the Yangtze River, out on the French imprint WV Sorcerer Production.

V.A. - Adrian Sherwood Presents: Dub No Frontiers (Real World Records)
This album is dedicated to the memory of both Ariane 'Ari Up' Forster and Lincoln Valentine 'Style' Scott with whom the project started. Dub No Frontiers is inspired by and features women vocalists from the UK and also from around the world, since "many of the singers said they felt the Dub/Reggae arena was a bit of a male preserve and a little intimidating even. The idea was to then try and evolve DNF into a powerful live show and to tour with a core of vocalists, musicians and guests."

Ak’chamel, The Divinatory Monkey and the Sovereign Plumed Serpent - Transitory Collection Vol. II
Released on cassette by La Republique Des Granges (France), this is the second volume of a limited series which speaks to the transitory nature of human existence on earth: "it will eat you, and even the earth will eat you; like an ignorant man, like a man easily deceived...". Using a wide array of instruments, such as guimbri, flutes, zurna, baglama and other collected world instruments, this album was recorded within a few days. Highly recommended.

Almayate - Freegiliana (Gruppo Ungido)
This is the first album from free-impro quintet Almayate, with members of Spanish experimental groups Clónicos, Orgón or Alondra Satori, high influenced by New Thing, with noise and Brazilian elements.

ATŌMI - Little Floating Oracles (Lady Blunt Records)
ATŌMI announces his first LP entitled Little Floating Oracles, inspired by the concept of fetus, perceived as a physical incarnation of the cosmic essence which embodies the endless knowledge of an Oracle. ATŌMI translates into sound the beauty and power of this assumption, recreating the atmospheres and going deeper into the various ancestral states of a new life in formation.

Bartolo, Sousa, Ferrandini - BASFE (Chant Records)
The circumstances that led to the creation of BASFE were as spontaneous, intuitive and in-the-moment as the music itself. Bartolo (guitar and modular synth) and Gabriel Ferrandini (drums) were in a recording session for another project. Once their session was done, the studio unexpectedly became available for the next several days. It happened that their friend Pedro Sousa (tenor sax) was in town and ready to play. The gear was already set up, the ‘record’ button was pushed, and BASFE was born!

Bill Converse - Take Parts (Dark Entries Records)
Underground hero Bill Converse returns to Dark Entries with Take Parts, perhaps his most muscular and floor-focused work to date. Converse has honed his analog craft since the early days of the Midwest rave scene, absorbing lessons from luminaries like Claude Young and Traxx. His skill as a producer has been established with releases on labels such as Dark Entries, Fit Sound, and Obsolete Futures, and his prowess as a DJ has been witnessed on floors the world over.
Drone Baron - Dusk At Shadow Castle (Lotophagus Records)
Drone Baron - Dusk At Shadow Castle (Lotophagus Records)

From Dr Pete Larson to Drone Baron

Bogger - Panic ROM (brokntoys)
Bogger, also known as Jeff Pils, presents here the latest release for the London based imprint brokntoys, a package of five strong electronic pieces to haunt your dance.

C_C - Gentianes Et Myrtilles (Cold Moss)
French artist Eduardo Ribuyo aka C_C is known for more than 10 years for his unique blend of bass-heavy, dub-infused industrial breaks and his long several hours hypnotic performances. A quiet strength of the French underground, he released on labels such as Small But Hard, Da! Heard It Records, Zamzam Records, Fougère, Krut, and Thirdtypetapes (which he co-founded). Shortly after moving to the French countryside a few years ago, he found a renewed inspiration using a more restrained setup, whom limitations he uses, to create uncanny landscapes where his craftsman mastership is transcended by the innocence and the freshness of a fierce beginner.

Christine Abdelnour & Andy Moor - Unprotected Sleep (Unsounds Label)
Christine Abdnelnour and Andy Moor have explored the notion of hypnagogia or ‘unprotected sleep’ to drive their process for this improvised album, delving in their own experience and memories. Unprotected sleep is commonly defined as an altered state of consciousness that occurs beyond the proper or intended time of waking up, not sleeping in your own safe bed, or even sleeping without a blanket.

Diane Barbé - A conference of critters (Forms of minutiae)
For its fifth release, forms of minutiae presents "a conference of critters", a collection of field recordings from Thailand by sound artist Diane Barbé. "These pages are wrinkled, curled, soaked in the dense thick air since weeks; the lines of ink smudge a little. The words touch. Nights, storms, warm afternoons: all is said in the tale of terrestrial things. Up in a madan tree, a koel repeats its call, incessant, signalling something. A group of women is planting seeds, laying flowers in the water, hands in the soil. The critters confer; living together in a collective river, floating through the stream of extended time, connected like the organs of the same body. Microphone in hand, I am sheltered under a large banana leaf, witnessing the rain that touches all of us inhabitants of this forest. The critters confer; the water circles endlessly. " - Diane Barbé

Dr Pete Larson - Field Drift 1 (Dagoretti Records)
The last decade or so has found Peter Larson focusing his musical lens on mastering the nyatiti and contorting the dialectical sounds of the African instrument and musical mentality into something psychedelic and forward pushing. Throughout the summer of 2022, however, a growing fascination with Michigan's ongoing techno history led to Larson personally delving into the creation of electronic music. Solitary hours in the practice space spent in contemplation and experimentation eventually resulted in Field Drift 1, the first in what might be a series of releases collecting the restless, thoughtful, and cathartic sounds of this initial segue into synthesizer music.

Drone Baron - Dusk At Shadow Castle (Lotophagus Records)
In six tracks which comprise the album Dusk At Shadow Castle, Drone Baron resurrects the brutal Middle Ages of wars, epidemics and power struggles. From feudal Europe to the mysterious Orient, this album offers a medieval drone based on guitars and percussions.
Eve Risser Red Desert Orchestra - Eurythmia (Clean Feed)
Eve Risser Red Desert Orchestra - Eurythmia (Clean Feed)

From Earth Room to Jeff Parker

Earth Room - Earth Room (Related States)
Earth Room is a free improv trio comprising Robbie Lee (on woodwinds, synthesizers, electronics), John Thayer (drums, percussion, fender rhodes, synthesizers, electronics) and Ezra Feinberg (guitars, bass, electric ukulele) and this is their latest effort, making music in the spirit of electric-era Miles Davis, classic German space rock, and the “fourth world” studio experiments of Jon Hassell.

Eren Gümrükçüoğlu - Pareidolia (New Focus Recordings)
Eren Gümrükçüoglu’s compositional world fuses unique timbres with gestural instrumental writing to craft a kind of abstract sonic cinema. There is a symphonic quality to many of these works despite their scoring for ensembles seven players and smaller, with orchestration and color occupying an essential role in Gümrükçüoglu’s writing. Equally influential is Gümrükçüoglu’s background in modern jazz, which presents itself not so much in full garb, but obliquely, in refracted form, coloring the rhythmic and harmonic material at pivotal moments and shaping his process for generating material.

Eve Risser Red Desert Orchestra - Eurythmia (Clean Feed)
Led by the French pianist Eve Risser, the Red Desert Orchestra is a hybrid formation in which musicians from Europe and Africa rub shoulders in the service of music resolutely haunting, magnifying the polyrhythmic intertwining to the point of vertigo through a writing as demanding in its form as resolute in its ambitions.

Flaherty / Corsano Duo - Low Prices on Ancient Poetry (Feeding Tube Records)
Three brilliant tracks from the long running duo of Paul Flaherty’s sax and Chris Corsano’s drums. Recorded on the evening of Friday May 28, 2021 as part of Feeding Tube’s Quarantunes series, this was the pair’s first gig in almost two years, but their communicative interplay was no less instantaneous than ever.

Goat - Oh Death (Rocket Recordings)
Formidable psychic warriors, channelers of the mystic and proponents of a spiritual quest that transcends this realm, Goat remain a band shrouded in mystery. Travelling from their inscrutable origins in the Swedish village of Korpilombo across the stages and festivals of the world in the last decade, this band has created their incendiary music entirely according to their own coordinates and conducted their affairs strictly by their own code.

Jeff Parker ETA IVtet - Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy (Eremite Records)
For all its varied sonic personality, Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy scans immediately and unmistakably as music coming from Jeff Parker‘s unique sound world. Generous in spirit, trenchant and disciplined in execution, Parker’s music has an earned respect for itself and for its place in history that transmutes through the musical event into the listener.

Kevin Richard Martin - Downtown (Intercranial Recordings)
Continuing the blunted, narco-jazz swing of KRM's previous Nightcrawler album, Downtown is an even slower, more eerie ride into dread city noir soundscapes and cinematic scale hallucinations.
Marina Hasselberg - RED (Redshift Music)
Marina Hasselberg - RED (Redshift Music)

From Lucrecia Dalt to Oiseaux-Tempête

V.A. - Let's Stamp: 1950s Folk Dance Recordings from Bulgarian and Yugoslavian 78rpm Discs (Canary Records)
Ian Nagoski’s Canary Records presents a new various artists compilation comprising folk dance recordings from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia recorded in the ‘50s.

Lucrecia Dalt - ¡Ay! (RVNG Intl.)
Lucrecia Dalt channels sensory echoes of growing up in Colombia on her new album ¡Ay!, where the sound and syncopation of tropical music encounter adventurous impulse, lush instrumentation, and metaphysical sci-fi meditations in an exclamation of liminal delight. In sound and spirit, ¡Ay! is a heliacal exploration of native place and environmental tuning, where Dalt reverses the spell of temporal containment. Through the spiralling tendencies of time and topography, Lucrecia has arrived where she began.

Marina Hasselberg - RED (Redshift Music)
The full-length debut of award-winning Vancouver-based cellist Marina Hasselberg, Red (Redshift Records) is an ambitious and unconventional proposition built on the foundation of Hasselberg's diverse musical experience and boundless inquisitiveness. Over the past decade, she's travelled a distinctive route, part of which is revealed over the course of the album. She's worked in early music, free improvisation, on the fringes of pop songcraft, electronic music, contemporary chamber music, as well as an array of interdisciplinary collaborations that resist classification.

Mauskovic Dance Band - Bukaroo Bank (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
Bukaroo Bank is Mauskovic’s second album. There, the band reinvents both their approach and their sound, while maintaining the rhythm-forward euphoria heard on their debut album and surrounding singles. It is one of those albums that sounds brashly live, like you’re in the room while the jams are being kicked out, but in fact uses the studio very shrewdly.

Model home - 20 (self-released)
Model home is a Washington D.C. based electronic and vocal duo from the diamond district, aiming at making experiments in liberated sound and lifestyle.

Naujawanan Baider - Volume 1 & 2 (Ramble Records/Radio Khiyaban/Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz)
Naujawanan Baidar (Farsi for Enlightened Youth) is the project of artist and musician N.R. Safi (The Myrrors). With roots in the now-endangered sounds of 1960s-80s Afghan cassette culture, Naujawanan Baidar filters the traditional music of Safi's paternal heritage through a labyrinth of buzzing drones, tape manipulation, and fuzz-drenched percussion, warping both traditional and popular forms into a tangled mass of tape-saturated noise inspired by the very medium that once carried them.

Oiseaux-Tempête - What On Earth (Que Diable) (Sub Rosa / Nahal Recordings)
A psychedelic/psychological roadmap, the latest album of the super-group Oiseaux-Tempête gathers around Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul, Mondkopf and Jean-Michel Pirès (Bruit Noir), the voices of Ben Shemie (SUUNS), G.W.Sok (formerly The Ex), Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart) or the electric strings of Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion). "If the planetary reality of 2022 looks like a bad spin-off of a pre/post-apocalyptic series, this new record invites us to another kind of anticipative present where the only weapons are poems chanted against the wind." Alice Butterlin
Zène'T Panon - Maloya Malbar (JuJu Sounds)
Zène'T Panon - Maloya Malbar (JuJu Sounds)

From RSS B0YS to Veronik

Ordos Mk.0 - Sisyphean Audio Therapy 3 (Laputa Machineworks)
Ordos Mk.0 returns with the third volume of the Sisyphean Audio Therapy series, released by Laputa Machineworks and comprising a collection of ambient and experimental electronic pieces.

RSS B0YS - Bells Of Resistance (Collectyon)( Mik.Musik.!.)
On this collection called Bells Of Resistance, the duo of Rss B0ys present some singles and unreleased music from this past summer. RSS B0YS operate mostly through the Internet. Communicating with fans by posting lapidary messages on Facebook, their notes consist mainly of punctuation signs, zeros, and sometimes letters - meaning most often vowels.

Simon Crab - Invisible Cities (Space Ritual)
Simon Crab's Invisible Cities album explores the outer edges of ambient, electronic, soundscapes, industrial, dub, and beyond. Recorded at Simon's Hastings studio in 2021. Additional percussion from Fritz Catlin & David J Smith, vocals by Ksenia Sadovski.

Space Between Clouds - Spiral (AKP Recordings)
David Ralicke says that the genesis of his self-titled debut as Space Between Clouds was a series of drones "designed to sneak by consciousness and lay down in the shadows behind thoughts. " Built atop a brooding atmospheric foundation forged through droning electronics, his horn and flute leads gave the compositions a unique signature and human touch.

Veronik - Anómala (Zel Zele Records)
Anómala by Franco-Peruvian thereminist and guitarist Veronik is a haunting theremin album where the instrument becomes a melodic voice. It's a gentle experimentation that floats beautifully on femme psychedelic rock waters, captivating with its cinematic and moody soundscapes. The album was previously self-released in Peru in 2017.

Zène'T Panon - Maloya Malbar (JuJu Sounds)
"Zène’T Panon’s music is unique even within the musical microcosm of Réunion Island. On the eastern coast, the most humid and verdant part of the island, the group imbues their version of maloya with Tamil rhythms and melodies. Our recording session on the banks of the Rivière des Marsouins, deep among the lush vegetation, featured the hypnotic sounds of Tamil instruments: the morlon, tarlon and malbar drums. That lazy day by the river with the entire Zène’T Panon family contrasted sharply with the group’s explosive energy during their usual recordings. Besides their Tamil influences, the group are distinguished by their creative capacity for new rhythms and the energy that they deploy. The perfect harmony playing out between the musicians meant the material could be recorded outdoors in a single evening with practically no retakes, which was a blessing as a tropical rainstorm broke just minutes after the session ended." JuJu Sounds
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