Staff Picks - November 2019

Staff Picks - November 2019

December 9, 2019

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November is gone, winter is here, deal with it. The end of 2019 still kicks hard with music being released. Celebrate winter with this wild and comprehensive selection of new music, as well as reissues. Anything from ambient to psychedelic, experimental, ethnic/world, electronics and beyond.

What's new, what's good, what's hot or not, what's obscure or under the radar, music wise, here's the monthly Staff Picks.

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From Andrew Pekler to Benoît Pioulard

Andaleeb M. Wasif - Andaleeb M. Wasif (Little Axe Records)
Andaleeb M. Wasif - Andaleeb M. Wasif (Little Axe Records)
Adolfo Echeverría y su Orquesta - Sabroso Bacalao (Vampisoul)
First ever reissue of “Sabroso bacalao” by Adolfo Echeverría y su Orquesta, released on Colombia’s Discos Fuentes in 1977. This is a diverse genre-hopping album featuring the fiery piano of Hugo Molinares, who also composed the monster guaguancó track ‘Sabroso bacalao’. In addition to hot, driving hardcore salsa tracks, the LP includes some cumbia and porro plus cuts in the Afro-Cuban oriza rhythm and the cumbelé style, which is a variant on the bomba, an Afro-Puerto Rican folkloric drum-based genre.

Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa (Philophon)
In 2013 Max Weissenfeldt visited Bolgatanga, the capital of the Frafra for the first time. When he stepped out of the bus at the main market a song by Alogte was playing loudly through some big speakers. He was immediately captured by the music and arranged to meet with Alogte. After a short introduction they both agreed to do some recordings. Weissenfeldt had some instrumentals with him, so he charged his laptop well, packed his microphone and Alogte drove with him through the savannah into the backcountry of the Frafra land. When they had arrived in Namoo, Max set up his studio and Alogte assembled the Sounds of Joy. Mam Yinne Wa - God, You Love Me So. It looks like that somebody has heard him!

Andaleeb M. Wasif - Andaleeb M. Wasif (Little Axe Records)
While studying architecture in Bombay (Mumbai) at Sir J.J. School of Arts, his natural talent of music and performances grew in acclaim and he won a number of prominent competitions including The Golden Voice of Bombay, The K.L. Saigal and The Lata Mangeshkar awards. He was recognized and honored by numerous film stars and singers of 1960s Bollywood along with film directors like Anil Biswas. Though he was sought after, he never pursued a career making music for the silver screen. Most of the ghazals Andaleeb is best known for, were written by poets such as Sahir Ludhyanwi, Akbar Hyderabadi, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, and Farig Bukahri all of whom he knew personally. Andaleeb’s renditions are spiritual, mystical, enigmatic and filled with pathos, and are always timeless and ethereal.

Andrew Pekler - Sounds From Phantom Islands (Faitiche)
Phantom islands are islands that appeared on historical maps but never actually existed. The status of these artefacts of European colonial expansion from the 15th to the 19th century oscillates between cartographic fact and maritime fiction. Sounds From Phantom Islands interprets and presents these imaginations as a quasi-ethnographic catalog of music and synthetic field recordings. The pieces on this album are based on recordings made for Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas, an online interactive map developed with cultural anthropologist Stefanie Kiwi Menrath.

Benoît Pioulard - Sylva (Morr Music)
Benoît Pioulard (real name Thomas Meluch) has created his first full-length for Morr Music, complemented by a linen book of Polaroid SX70 photographs from more than two years of environmental explorations. The music on Sylva and its 84-page visual companion bear the beauty and strange shapes of nature: desert rock formations and colorful leaves, restless waters and peculiar plants. Meluch’s dreamy ambient drones and saturated lo-fi pop embody the impressionist sensation of his visual aesthetic – with this collection sound and vision are merged into an affectionate study of the organic.

Bergsonist - ط (Bizaarbazaar)
Collections of intuitional songs. intuitional lyrics by Bergsonist. Bergsonist is a New York–based artist and musician originally from Morocco. Under the guise Bergsonist (derived from Deleuze's Bergsonism), she uses a variety of media to investigate social resonance through divergent conceptual aesthetics (minimalism, techno, and music concrete, to name a few). Through her work, she explores notions of identity, memory, and social politics.
Crème de Hassan - Tricontinental Circus (Inervisions Label)
Crème de Hassan - Tricontinental Circus (Inervisions Label)

From Channelers to Die Orangen

Celestial Trax - Listen, Hear, Know, Become, Be (True Aether)
Joni Judén sets out to further obscure the form: 'Listen, Hear, Know, Become, Be' may be his most minimal and monolithic work to date. Exploring close harmony relations and frequency structures, Judén exposes the expressive qualities buried deep in sound and sustained tone. As the ten tracks grow and expand, the sound takes on palpable physical qualities.

Channelers - The Depth of Rest (Inner Islands)
Exploring the gradient between acoustic realism and synthetic reality, real landscapes and fantasy, and creating fantastic re-imaginings of these landscapes. There is also a process of creating scenes to play out these fantasies: extrapolating from the gestures of the landscape and its indigenous nature to create musical scenes of parallel and sympathetic resonance. Gesture responding to gesture, widening the circle until completion. Magical realism as a piece of the dreaming state, the vision state, projected onto the canvas of ordinary perceived reality.

Contagious - Contagious (Morphine Records)
Contagious is a solid blending of avant-garde experimentation and electronic music. Formed by two innovative voices from the Improvisation scene of Berlin (Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz) and Mieko Suzuki, a well-crafted and creative DJ and musician who’s operating in Berlin venues and festivals since a long time. Contagious is also the debut album recorded and produced by Rabih Beaini. The Trio wanders in new aesthetic areas, sound is a texture where the processing rigs are constantly developing new forms and evolutions. Structures and grooves implode in noisy fragments, growing into a deep trance state.

Crème de Hassan - Tricontinental Circus (Inervisions Label)
After the release of Technique & Rite in 2017, and the album Terminal Desert release under the name LaBrecque / Barakat earlier this year, here comes the second “official” Crème de Hassan record on Inversions. The album is focused on rhythm and language, and the resulting 11 tracks are short and compact, exploring the possibilities of combining these into improbable hybrids. The tracks include Haitian voodoo rhythms, a Burkinabe flute player aligned with a sequencer and a guitar + synth jam with echoes of the sound of early 1970s Düsseldorf. The languages that are dispersed across the album come from Cambodia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco and include an Arabic translation of Nietsche by friend of the band Ayoub El Mouzaine.

Dark Day - Darkest Before Dawn (Dark Entries Records)
Dark Day is the brainchild of Robin Crutchfield, a NY based musician, performance artist, and writer. Robin’s musical path began in 1977 when he formed the no wave group DNA with Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori. In 1979 Crutchfield left DNA to pursue his more synthesizer-based solo project. The album is a lost medieval collection of pagan tunes for private ceremonies.

Die Orangen - Swei Orangen (Malka Tuti)
Two years since their debut album Zest, Die Orangen are back with a new album on Malka Tuti, with a matured, developed sound. Having originally forged their partnership in the diverse electronic music scene of Australia, Kris Baha and Angus Gruzman aka Die Orangen recently decamped to the thriving Berlin scene to develop their dark and pulsing industrial-inspired productions. Collaborators Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma), Alex Akers (of Forces) and Hayley Morgan expand the al-bum into a diverse journey across zones and styles, offering their own observation of the spacious musical world of Die Orangen.
Farafi - Carico Soul (Piranha Records)
Farafi - Carico Soul (Piranha Records)

From El Khat to Evan Parker

VA - Doomshop Records Volume 3 (Doomshop Records)
An epic selection. Phonk is an early dirty south revival movement with influences from Memphis rap, G funk, Miami bass and chopped and screwed remixing technique.

Ecker & Meulyzer - Carbon (Subtext Recordings)
Koenraad Ecker and Frederik Meulyzer make their Subtext debut with "Carbon". Based on field recordings made at Norway’s Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a secure seed bank located on the island of Spitsbergen, Carbon grapples with the many contradictions that lie at the heart of our shift into the capitalocene. The project began in 2017, when Ecker and Meulyzer scored the performance “Frozen Songs,” a commission by Zero Visibility Dance Company led by Ina Christel Johannessen. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was conceived of as an effort to preserve copies of seeds from key crop varieties, ensuring their persistence in the event of large-scale crises. Yet the area is warming faster than anywhere else on earth, causing the permafrost to melt and putting the seed vault at risk.

El Khat - Saadia Jefferson (Batov Records)
Saadia Jefferson is a glorious act of vandalism on Yemeni traditions led by inventor, carpenter, musician and composer Eyal El Wahab. Dismantling lyrics, melodies and compositions from Yemeni folk songs, El Khat delve into uncharted sonic territory updating Yemen's ancient culture. Using an orchestra of instruments old and new, many repurposed from junk objects and turned into instruments that sound similar to traditional Arabic and North African lutes and percussion, Tel Aviv based El Khat have imagined an indelible stamp of polyphonic, harmony soaked, pan-Arabic braindance.

Evan Parker - Work in Progress (Vortex Jazz Club)
Evan Parker Solo. This has been donated by van Parker to help the Vortex Jazz Club with its fundraising activities.

Farafi - Carico Soul (Piranha Records)
Born on the streets of India, with roots around the globe, Calico Soul is the debut album of Farafi. A nomadic duo, whose music is based on authentic vocals and percussive sound. Joy and Darlini have drawn inspiration from their travels to create an eclectic collection of sounds inspired by traditional African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western contemporary music. Their songs vary from heartfelt to upbeat dancing styles. Farafi sing in their own language as well as several African languages, showcasing limitless ways of creating, to reach the depths of all humans.

Gavilán Rayna Russom - The Envoy (Ecstatic Recordings)
Transdisciplinary NYC artist Gavilán Rayna Russom beautifully comes into her own with a distinguished solo debut album statement including the voice of Cosey Fanni Tutti and brass arrangements by downtown legend Peter Zummo.
VA - Kinshasa 1978 (Crammed Discs)
VA - Kinshasa 1978 (Crammed Discs)

From Hiro Kone to Jacky McKayten

Hiro Kone - A Fossil Begins To Bray (Dais Records)
In Mao’s own words, “this album considers the power of absence as neither a lack or deficit, but as a quiet, indeterminable force to cultivate in this time of looming and unrelenting techno-fascism. It asks that we take pause to consider our learned languages and actualities and to better consider how desire shapes our recollections and interpretations of this ‘existence.’”

IMA - The Flowers Die in Burning Fire - 炎の中で死にゆく花 (Buh Records)
IMA is percussionist Nava Dunkelman (JP) and electronic sound artist Amma Ateria (HK). IMA depicts expressionistic noise music of Japanese poetry by deconstructing and dissolving heavy music through restraint and release. "The Flowers Die in Burning Fire" the debut album of IMA, tells an anecdote of the inevitable notion of time, change, decay, the vanished, and rebirth. With meticulous, industrial, and filmic instrumentation, IMA marches forth with starkness and surrender into the aftermath of destruction, and attempt for transformative regeneration of beauty through catalysts of pleasure.

Jacky McKayten - The Black Magic (Fortuna Records)
Yemenite interpretations of Bollywood soundtracks from 1982. An ultra-rare album by Jacky Mckayten who combines his own Yemmeny heritage together with popular Indian music from film. A deep journey amidst tablas, sitars, and electric guitars, through heartbreaking songs of love and betrayal. McKayten was a highly influential figure, yet remained largely underrated until his untimely death. This is his most powerful work, reissued for the first time, from the original master tapes, excavated by Fortuna Records.

KMRU - Variations (Installation) (Self-released)
KMRU (field & sound artist from Nairobi): field recording is one tool that enhances critical listening, using environmental sources as compositional tools. In 'Variations', the three channels of the work protract and complicate the listening experience. The soundscapes of the three locations will be installed as 3-channel audio, protracted at equidistant angles (Speakers) forcing the listener to stand centrally between either of the speakers to perceive the piece of two different locations or start in the center and listen to the entire scape collage. Movement and memory is key in this installation as it affects how the listener will hear the sounds, depending on the position of the ears, and understanding the piece as a whole.

VA - Kinshasa 1978 (Crammed Discs)
Back in 1978, Bernard Treton recorded four 'tradi-modern' bands in Kinshasa. These sessions spawned the "Zaïre: Musiques Urbaines à Kinshasa" album (released in 1986 by the Ocora label), a record which, for the first time, presented to Western audiences the electrifying music which was later to be known as "Congotronics". This new, twofold album comprises 80 minutes worth of previously-unreleased original recordings made during these 1978 sessions, as well as brand-new reconstructions made by Martin Meissonnier.

Kopy / Tentenko - Super Mild (TAL)
This split release unites two female underground acts, both of whom have recently become pivotal parts of the contemporary electronic musical landscape in Japan. Hot on the heels of the acclaimed Paredo EP compilation (TAL12), the SUPER MILD split album is the second outing by Kopy and Tentenko on TAL. Their newest works punctuate their highly individual approaches to contemporary experimental dance music.
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto - Toño García: El último cacique (Llorona Records)
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto - Toño García: El último cacique (Llorona Records)

From Land of Kush to Mattias Uneback

Land of Kush - Sand Enigma (Constellation Records)
Renowned Montréal/Cairo-based composer Sam Shalabi returns with his exhilarating and utterly genre-bending big band Land Of Kush. The trenchantly-titled Sand Enigma is the orchestra’s long awaited fourth album – its first in six years. This 75-minute work brilliantly captures a band on fire, flowing through composed set-pieces, improvisational turns, harmolodic gestural and textural interplay, bursts of fervent groove, and fearless, feral experimentation. As Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls/Sublime Frequencies) raves: “Sam Shalabi has raised the bar for modern psychedelic music with the Land Of Kush orchestra, weaving a seamless montage of styles in a transcendent way that is rarely, if ever, achieved.”

Las Hermanas - Masajes (MamboNegroRecords)
Inspired by red salsa (sauce) Las Hermanas delights us with 13 massages in 30 minutes. Broken salsa beats? Yes!

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto - Toño García: El último cacique (Llorona Records)
Cumbia has taken the dance floors worldwide but at this point it might be crucial to remember where everything started, to be enchanted again with its original sound, with magic of gaita flute, the calling of the Llamador drum and the nostalgic poetic voice inspired by Los Montes de María majestic landscape. Toño García: el último cacique was recorded to honor Manuel Antonio "Toño" García, one of living legends of cumbia, and brought together San Jacinto´s gaita and cumbia royalty to pay tribute to his most influential and representative gaita flute player.

MA - AMA (Morphine Records)
MA comes from the rap and hip-hop Tokyo scene, but throughout the years he evolved into a noisier and more experimental beat making. He blends ritualistic ancient Japanese lyrics and vocal methods, on music that he creates using also his voice or field recordings. The result is alienating, weird and haunting but at the same time fascinating and futuristic.

Marko Melkon - I Go Around Drinking Raki: ca. 1942-51 NYC Recordings (Canary Records)
Born and raised in the cosmopolitan port city of Smyrna (now Izmir), Turkey, Melkon Alemsherian arrived at Ellis Island on February 10, 1920 from Piraeus, Greece. Although he was Armenian, through much of his professional life he used the Greek-sounding stage name Marko Melkon. He made a few appearances on discs in the early 20s, In the early years of the Depression, Melkon ran the Dexter Music and Radio shop on Mt. Auburn St in Watertown, Massachusetts, where he sold records and equipment as well as repairing vacuum cleaners. On February 15, 1937, he recorded “Oglan Oglan” backed with an oud improvisation in maqam hijazkar. It sold well and paved the way for the next stage of Melkon’s recording and club career. Through the 1940s and early 50s, his fame grew, and he performed constantly at the “oriental” nightclubs on New York’s 8th Avenue. A heart attack in 1952 curtailed his playing significantly. He was forced to take a full year off work and to quit drinking and smoking. A consummate entertainer and a life-long denizen of the nightlife with a strong affinity for alcohol and marijuana, it was a blow. His heart failed at home in Astoria, Queens in April of 1963.

Mattias Uneback ‎- Voyage Beneath The Sea (Subliminal Sounds)
The Voyage Beneath The Sea album project is about composing music based on underwater fantasy worlds, as well as actual places. This is visionary music inspired by the space-age underwater themed exotica recordings of the early 1960s as well as the peculiar aquatic library type albums of 1970s. The songs are amusing and entertaining one moment, dramatic and fierce the next, but most of all: serenely beautiful. The production of the album has been an important process for Mattias and he feels it has seriously widened his views as a musical and composer.
Mecánica Clásica - Vientos Eléctricos (Abstrakce Records)
Mecánica Clásica - Vientos Eléctricos (Abstrakce Records)

From Peter Ivers to Reza Solatipour

Mecánica Clásica - Vientos Eléctricos (Abstrakce Records)
An ambient journey to the inner reaches of the sound modulation. Mecánica Clásica is a new project bound by members of some of the most interesting electronic projects in Spain, such as Güiro Meets Russia and Polígono Hindú Astral, altogether with the restless experimentation of Negro or Mental Signals.

Tapan Meets Generation Taragalte - Atlas (Soundway Records)
Soundway presents the unique results of a one-off 2018 meeting in Marrakech between Belgrade-based tribal/techno/industrial outfit Tapan and the nomadic Touareg electrified desert-blues group Generation Taragalte. A dark, desolate and potent collision of the electronic drone-jazz of Belgrade and the windswept, desiccated psych-guitar riffs of the Moroccan Sahara.

Mr Concept - November (Platform 23)
13 instrumental tracks of samples and noise. Please find enclosed one 'Deluxe' stereophonic gramophone record from Concept City, containing thirteen recordings of musics entirely produced upon 4-track portastudio for your pleasure and discourse - the sole work of Mr Robert Grant of this parish. So states the photocopy insert from the 1985 November LP on Cordelia Records. With just 5 albums over 40 years the music of Mr Concept can be a discovery and cherished.

Peter Ivers - Becoming Peter Ivers (RVNG Intl.)
Dedicated to the memory of Peter Ivers and Merle Ivers. Becoming Peter Ivers collects 25 songs transferred from a survey of over 500 reels and cassettes and an incredible amount of unseen photos and ephemera. Very 70s NY.

Renaldo & The Loaf - The Elbow Is Taboo / Elbonus (Editions Mego)
The Elbow is Taboo was Renaldo & The Loaf's fourth and last album of their initial phase prior to their return in 2010. Released by Ralph in America and Some Bizzare in the UK in 1987 this work represents a development in the overall sound as they utilize an 8 track recorder along with early digital effects. A large arsenal of acoustic instrumentation gives the record an additional unsettling atmosphere. Recorded over a 3-year period this remains the definitive statement by the group in this early period.

Reza Solatipour - The Gate (Eighth Tower Records)
It came clear, in recent years, that drone & dark ambient music from Iran made a considerable statement among the followers of this music genre. Reza Solapitour, from Tehran, was among the most talented Iranian projects alongside with Xerxes The Dark, Alphaxone, idft. His music was published on the prestigious compilation “Visions of Darkness” curated by Raffaele Pezzella and co-released by Unexplained Sounds Group / Cold Spring Records.

Rinpoche - Heruka Songs (Altered States Tapes)
On Heruka Songs, you will find excellently executed industrial techno/ambience filled with heaving unease and an occasional ear for floors, but without any of the usual, associated bleak imagery.
Sir Richard Bishop & Ed Yazijian - LP 7 (Unrock)
Sir Richard Bishop & Ed Yazijian - LP 7 (Unrock)

From Rrose to Shackleton

Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing (Lovely Music)
Lovely Music present a reissue of Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing, originally released as an LP by Lovely Music in 1979. Over the course of Robert Ashley's career his preoccupation with language and the voice took many forms. He became known in his librettos as a wonderful, funny, moving writer. But with Automatic Writing he examines language at a very "primitive" level – the human impulse make sounds to express his inner state, whether it be regret, embarrassment, fear, or happiness – even though there is no one else to listen. Talking to oneself.

Rrose - Hymn to Moisture (Eaux)
“Hymn to Moisture” explores embodiment in natural phenomena by playing with microtonal and unstable tunings, shifting overtones, and integrated modulations that make it difficult to separate tone from noise. Evoking wind, water, rock, and flesh, the album occupies multiple spaces simultaneously: abrasive and tranquil, propulsive and meditative, familiar and alien.

Salac - Sacred Movements (Avon Terror Corps)
Members of Bristol collective Avon Terror Corps, Salac are a Gaelic industrial duo hailing from separate cold corners of the world. Intersecting pagan ritualism with industrial choral alchemy, together they sculpt séances of sacred sound; igniting fires through walls of noise, voice, disjointed rhythm structures and intense ceremonial performance. One for the midnight edge-lords, Salac is a terrifying trip through abandoned wells, ritual dreampop, so-dank-it's-almost-slo-grime industrial heaviness and the wild plants of Hy Brasil.

Salón Dadá / Col Corazón - Lo que no existe, existe: Registros de una saga post punk en el Perú (1986-1990) (Buh Records)
Salón Dadá and Col Corazón were two bands led by Támira Bassallo and Jaime de Lama, active between 1986 and 1990. They emerged in Lima, in the context of the hardcore punk movement known as rock subterráneo. They distinguished themselves by their sound experimentation and their unconventional song structures, which led them from the stridency of noise rock to the use of Andean sonorities. In this sense, they were able to assimilate the innovative spirit of post punk and became the most representative saga of this sound in Peru. And although they did not leave official recordings, the cult around them has been increasing over time. This project is part of the Essential Sounds collection, with which Buh Records presents a series of fundamental works of the Peruvian musical avant-garde.

Shackleton - Tunes Of Negation - "Reach The Endless Sea" (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
For all their complexity and propulsion, these are indeed Tunes of Negation. The title, inspired by a poem by 13th Century mystic Jalalu’l-Din Rumi, is a description of what Shackleton himself hopes to achieve with the music, to “aid transmutation and enter into the light”.

Sir Richard Bishop & Ed Yazijian - LP 7 (Unrock)
Yet another luxurious spectacle from the Saraswati Series. Ex-Sun City Girls master guitarist Richard Bishop teams up with Cul De Sac’s long time Girls live collaborator Ed Yazijian. Two Grand Seigneurs of underground deliver an unique album deeply Western rooted, filled with the musical spirit and structures of Indian music at the same time. Elegant interplay, brilliantly arranged, using mostly guitar (lapsteel, tenor) and strings (viola), and some Indian stringed instrument which I can’t pronounce, and some piano. A classic Saraswati Series sonic adventure.
VA - Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual (Flee)
VA - Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual (Flee)

From Star Searchers to TCB

Star Searchers - Avatar Blue Disc 2 (Pacific City Sound Visions)
Disc 2 of the double album "Avatar Blue" by Spencer Clark aka Star Searchers. The hypnotisms of Earth's Oceanic Zootype Catalogs from a parallel world persist.

VA - Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual (Flee)
Dedicated to Tarentism, this project tells the story of a centuries-old choreo-musical ritual from Southern Italy, mobilizing frenetic rhythms and maniac dances, to exorcise women of a mysterious evil caused by the bite of a spider. Trans-disciplinary, this effort of documentation and artistic reinterpretation of one Europe’s most mysterious trance phenomenon is comprised of a double LP vinyl compilation including original recordings from Italian Maestro’s Carpitella, Lomax and De Martino with reinterpretations from Don’t DJ, Bottin, LNS, Bjorn Torske & Trym Søvdsnes, KMRU, Uffe and a hardcover Italian/English book.

TCB - Primal Astrology (ESP Institute)
TCB aka Chris Beißwenger, ESP boy on Jah bless road, [... ] 2019 completed and released album of dubs for ESP Institute, 'Primal Astrology'; 2020, spliffs ignited, world excited.

Tears|Ov - A Hopeless Place (The Tapeworm)
Founded in 2015, Tears|Ov are sound artist/self-taught musician Lori E Allen, classically trained cellist/mixed media artist Katie Spafford and illustrator/prison psychotherapist Deborah Wale. Tears|Ov’s debut is presented as a continuous journey, devised to be heard as a whole.

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