Stefan Fraunberger

Contributing Writer

Stefan Fraunberger is an Austrian composer and artist exploring themes of transformation and liminality in sound, focusing on their interior counterpoint in relation to perception and engaging in electro-acoustic dialogue with different instruments, beings and agencies beyond nature and culture.

He has a background in electro-acoustic music, Oriental studies, Arabic language, and Western philosophy. Having lived and worked in Aleppo, Sana'a, Tehran, Sibiu, Benares, Brussels and elsewhere, he is now based in Vienna.


Written by Stefan Fraunberger


Roma Agencies Beyond Contemporary Bias

While we progressed towards where we are (the ruins of Modernity), others went somewhere else, all of it happening simultaneously.

Stefan Fraunberger


Deflating History via Abandoned Pipe-Organs in Transylvania

An investigation into the unique character of derelict pipe-organs in Transylvania’s abandoned fortress churches and the various transformations that human-built ritual machines undergo once left devoid of human presence.

Stefan Fraunberger