Premiere: FRNKBRT - Lascio

Premiere: FRNKBRT - Lascio


August 1, 2016

FRNKBRT is a young electronic music composer from Italy, featured in the roster of Deutsch Sturm&Klang Records, with his first EP Colder Brait. He released his first album called Love Your Crossroads at the Italian label Lapidarie Incisioni.

'The EP "Lascio" is born in the beginning of 2015. I came to know the art of Pinuccio Sciola by chance, and after watching the docu "Sciola oltre la pietra", I felt the need to sample it in my own composite method. Inspired by the work of Adjaman (the album is Nyarcotics, where he sampled the whole Satyricon by Fellini, contextualizing it in the beat music), I made an EP of 7 minutes which follows the fascination of the documentary by Franco Fais. In the beginning of 2016 I met the director Marcello Rotondella, who made this amazing video and with whom I'm collaborating in the collective Misto Mame. The sounds you are going to listen are ancient, essential. They walk the path of human history as much as that of the universe. Credit for this intuition goes to Pinuccio Sciola, who passed away on May 13, 2016. I invite you to support the "Fondazione Sciola" and visit the "giardino sonoro" in San Sperate, Sardegna.'

Marcello Rotondella is a multimedia artist born in Novara in 1991. He studied Painting and Film at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Currently he's working with some musical projects as art director, photographer and filmmaker. 'The Visual transposition of "Lascio (EP)" considers the stone element, raw material of the Pinuccio Sciola's artworks, as a universe where the deceased artist can ascend and merge with it. This video was shot entirely among the gravestone of Verano Cemetery located in Rome', says Marcello.

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