Two years in the Attic

Two years in the Attic

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December 15, 2016

1. Welcome in the Attic

Once in a while you need to ask yourself why you are doing the thing that you´re doing. In order to put things in perspective, you need to have the whole picture, the whole plate; an accurate perception needs accurate facts, details, and data. As we’re all swimming in a sea of confusion, all the values of the world turn upside down and everything you knew (or you thought you know) about humanity changes from a moment to other. Everything is mixed up. Everything that happens in the world nowadays, locally and - most importantly - globally, is something that none of us predicted or thought it could happen in that certain manner.

And this fantasy scheme comprising a completely unpredictable future in relationship to our present actions gave us the boost to embark in this venture called The Attic. They say that the first two years are the hardest. Well, it seems like we made it! Because we really believe that music should unite humans, not separate them. To quote Nietzsche, life would be a mistake without music.

In the past few years, I spent several days and nights together with some friends to shape the idea of a digital platform, covered globally, which would be, from its inception, completely unique, in terms of music approach. A space for music freaks, which would interact, discover and share their music obsessions. A space for thoughtful stories and conversations with people that we love and that we consider relevant for today’s music. A space where you’d always find something that you’ll relate with, in a way or another, at some point, because music is above all, universal; just as love is. An imaginary attic where there would be no boundaries of any kind and music would flow gracefully from everywhere in a sweet chaos, spontaneous and concise. An invitation to get out of the comfort zone, out of your box, out of whatever you’re stuck in at the moment. All this subjectivity leads to experiment and to a painful process of discovering and re-creating unknown territories. We still question everything and put a very tough filter on everything that we’re doing, trying to push things further.

Over the course of its first two years of existence, The Attic has become a relevant online publication featuring almost 50 conversations/interviews published, hundreds of music reviews, a series of 4 different podcasts with more than 80 episodes, articles and reports from various music festivals or music events, and, most importantly, a lot of new friends among artists, musicians, promoters, booking agents, festival organizers, PR agencies, music distributors, record labels, club promoters, journalists, music publications, DJs, producers, music curators, record shop owners and simply devoted music lovers. The Attic Podcast features already more than 50 episodes, showcasing a wide selection of DJs, selectors, musicians, curators, producers and people involved in any way in music, encouraging them to present an own vision upon the music that they love, appreciate and consider important.

Our approach of pursuing the essence of what we believe is good, timeless and continues to resonate regardless of its release date is what concern us the most in every aspect of our work. Now, after 2 years since the launch of The Attic platform, we consider that our initial intentions are fully reflected in the content published, but not in the way it was planned to, but in the way it had to be.

Besides running independently an online magazine, we also presented a series of events in Bucharest, we made a unique festival with an uncertain future ( Outernational Days) followed by a series of events (Outernational Night with 3 events so far, headlining: The Dwarfs of East Agouza , Jerusalem in my Heart and Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band ), we hosted a radio show on the Dutch station Intergalactic FM (with guests including Mick Wills, Lena Willikens, Broken English Club, Booty Carrell, Borusiade, Khidja etc), and started to build a complex scheme of connections with the entire world of music and discovered visionary and like-minded peers.

We need to forge ourselves to become more open minded, more free of our preconceptions. We need to try harder to understand what is happening around us and think with our own brain, choose with our own will and decide with our own soul and mind. Music is such a powerful weapon and we can only use it for the benefit of the humanity; otherwise used, in a selfish way, music will become our Nemesis.

We would like to thank you all, each one of you who supported us among these first two years of existence. As we´re at the beginning of a fascinating journey, we would like to push ourselves much more in the future to create and to present relevant contemporary cultural products. Stay with us, we have so much more to discover together.

If you are in Bucharest these days, come to celebrate with us two years of The Attic, on Saturday, December 17, at club Kran! We have line up a concert of Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band, Karpov not Kasparov, a special DJ set by Hisham Mayet (co-founder of Sublime Frequencies) and of course, the gang The Attic Soundsystem, comprising our staff editors and close friends.

Join us here!

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