Berceuse Heroique


July 31, 2020

Berceuse Heroique is a London based record label initiated by Giz (ΚΕΜΑL) around 2013. So far, the imprint released a vast amount of artists, collectives and projects such as Manuel Gonzalez, Hodge, Healing Force Project, Smackos, Morah, Don't DJ, Mei Tahat among many others. The label operates several sublabels: Ancient Monarchy, Herskull, The Brasserie Heroique Edits and ΚΕΜΑΛ.

Giz (ΚΕΜΑL) was kind enough to make a mixtape for The Attic. It was recorded live recently, on a Sunday evening at Latraac Skate Cafe from Athens, Greece. Throughout almost two hours, the mixtape features unheard traditional Greek music, Albanian lament songs, intriguing ambient and experimental electronics from the likes of Kelly Moran, Ann Margaret Hogan, Raymond Richards, K Leimer, David Sylvian, Cocteau Twins and others.


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