Peter Kutin - Tempus Ex Machina


March 27, 2020

”The following mix features artists who are somehow connected with the label / platform Ventil Records, active since five years by now. It is a deep dive into some corners of Vienna’s vivid underground and advanced electronic music scene, lasting about 70 minutes and passing through various genres. You can consider this Mix as an anniversary present. Many tracks are yet unreleased or previews of upcoming records.

I called the mixtape Tempus Ex Machina, so one can remember this period when the globe slowed down its production engines (does it?) and many of us reflected on, during these strange states of isolation, while we are basically trying to keep our mind, body and soul together. But yeah, let’s see.

I am sincerely happy to call some of the represented artists not only colleagues, but friends. Listening to the variety and quality of the music you can discover here, well, it might be better than spending more time in front of the screens. Ursula Winterauer (aka Gischt) is the center of and brain behind Ventil Records, she does an amazing job; one can not respect this work and efforts enough! This compilation is dedicated to her. Act safe.”

A Shape alumni, Peter Kutin works with sound across genres. He has written and developed music / sonic-environments for film, theatre, performance, contemporary dance and radioplays. Besides that, he directed experimental short-films and wrote or composed works for radio. His collaboration list includes artists from different fields, also beyond the art-category, ranging from experimental physics to investigative journalists.

*artwork by Christopher Sturmer


  • Andreas Berger

    Stand Up


    Mr. Kiwi’s (feat. Sensational)

  • Katharina Ernst


  • Katharina Klement

    Suite Pour Une Femme Seule _part3

  • Mo Nahold

    Towards A Stream

  • Gischt


  • Asfast

    Bump Cut

  • schtum

    EXP Time (live) 2020 Remaster

  • PFL (Peter Kutin, Freya Edmondes, Lukas König)


  • Hall


  • Coco Béchamel


  • Kutin

    Dirty Gurdy

  • Rojin Sharafi


  • Misonica & Gischt


  • Fauna


  • Wealth


  • Florian Kindlinger

    Über Die Freude

  • Patrik Lechner


  • Schrecken

    Below Every Water

Contributed By

Peter Kutin

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