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December 24, 2019

“Goyang Priangan!” it’s a collection of tracks from various popular Sundanese recent musical traditions such as jaipongan, jaipong bajidoran, ketuk tilu, réak and pencak silat. All tracks focus on Sundanese secular and ceremonial vernacular party culture, showcasing some of Bandung suburbs’ all time favourite tracks and performers (Ijah Hadijah, Namin Group, Juarta Putra, Gajah Putih) to blast all your social gatherings.

The tracks are a mix of officially released tapes mainly coming from the archives of Jugala, SP and Pandawa record labels as well as live recordings Luigi made in Karawang and Bandung. Most of the cassettes’ recordings can be found at Madrotter Treasure Hunt, and on Slamet Abimanyu’s YouTube archive.



Contributed By

Luigi Monteanni

Co-founder of post-geographical label Artetetra, Luigi Monteanni (Neurotica Exotica) is an anthropologist researching the ritual of Kasenian Réak in Bandung, West Java, as well as other Indonesia’s most contemporary outputs in terms of regional urban music cultures.

He is currently developing a project involving local groups and artists for the release of field recordings and the production of a documentary in collaboration with Gigi Priadji of Trah Documenter. His current interests concern the idea of exoticism during late globalisation.
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