Mark Stewart


December 17, 2019

Mark Stewart is a British musician and founding member of The Pop Group. A pioneer of post-punk and industrial hip-hop, he has recorded for record labels such as On-U Sound Records and Mute Records.

An enduring figure on the edgy frontiers of the British music scene, Mark Stewart first came to prominence during the late '70s as a member of the punk/dub noisemaking squad the Pop Group, and has been storming musical boundaries and making powerful, confrontational music ever since.

After he began working with producer Adrian Sherwood, Stewart began releasing caustic, chaotic solo albums such as 1983's Learning to Cope with Cowardice, which incorporated radical political messages into a dense, explosive mix inspired by dub and funk.

Stewart's fearless genre experimentation and distinctly vocal style later proved to be a major influence on industrial, trip-hop, digital hardcore, and countless other styles throughout the coming decades. Stewart continued to subvert techno, industrial, and dub on further solo efforts like 1990's Metatron and 2012's The Politics of Envy, and participated in a Pop Group reunion during the 2010s.

Mark Stewart recorded an exclusive mixtape for our podcast series suggestively titled Molotov Jukebox, comprising Jamaican reggae/dub, psych rock, in-between Italian library music and some unreleased Pop Group tunes.


  • Piero Piccioni

    Once & Again

  • Murat Kemaloglu


  • Suns of Arqa

    Acid Tabla

  • Devon Irons

    Ketch Vampire (Vocal & Dub Version)

  • Keith Hudson

    Nuh Skin Up (12” Mix)

  • Jay Glass Dubs

    Thumb Dub

  • The Pop Group

    3.38 (Extended Unreleased Edit)

  • Vladimir Mayakovsky recording

  • The Pop Group

    Blood Money (Slow Thief)

  • Giant Swan


  • Michael Rother


  • Exek

    Iron Efficiency

  • Les Chants de Maldoror

    Isidore Ducasse Comte De Lautreamont recording

  • Boreal Massif

    Fast Fashion

  • Michael O’Neill

    Citizen 107

  • The Ghost Orchid

    Raudive 2

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Mark Stewart

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