Baris K - In The Attic - Live Mix


November 14, 2014

This is an exclusive recording from a party in Bucharest, Romania, with Bariș K, in March 2014.

Bariș K came up to public attention after 2007, when he self released the trilogy mixtape called Eurasia. This, together with his Istanbul 70 edits released on New York’s Nublu label, and a website exploring the history of Turkish music, and it’s clear that Baris’ heart is where the homeland is. Besides his major role as a curator for the traditional Turkish folk, pop, disco, psych, prog rock and other obscure music hybrids, he started to make his own music. The release of ‘’200’’, in 2013, sees Bariș approaching a far more diverse idea of an own sound, inspired and influenced by the majestic music heritage of his country.

One of Bariș’ most interesting projects that transcends the music boundaries is the fresh collective called Insanlar (translated in ‘people’). It is a collaboration between Bariș K, Cem Yildiz and Hogir. The first release is called ‘Kime Ne’, a hard-nosed 24 minutes live jam of electronics combined with elements from traditional music, inspired from the Anatolian sound.

Read an interview with Bariș K HERE.

Download available through iTunes.


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